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March 30, 2014
IWOF "Providing Opportunities. Changing Lives™" charity event.
Haiti WNT @ Ball State University, 2:00PM Kickoff.

When Marian University sophomore Sharisse Yoder met Haitian Women's National Team soccer players last summer she was overwhelmed by the tales of scarcity and economic depression in a country affected by minimal economic opportunities, a recent earthquake...


International Women's Opportunity Foundation is a non-partisan, non-profit, all-volunteer foundation committed to improvement of humanitarian, social, cultural, educational and sporting opportunities for girls and women. Under its motto Providing Opportunities. Changing Lives™ the foundation brings hope to girls and women affected by poverty, despair, and lack of opportunities.

2014 FOCUS

In 2014, the foundation efforts are focused on providing critical funding for Haiti women's national soccer teams as they prepare to qualify for the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup in Canada. Haiti, which was devastated by the January 2010 earthquake, is estimated to have the highest poverty rate in the Western Hemisphere.


Corporate support has never been more urgent. Your gifts help IWOF provide the best opportunities possible to girls and women while improving families, communities and nations.

  • Fairhaven OB/GYN
  • FC Indiana
  • Nappanee Missionary Church
  • Mr. Brent Barrow
  • Dr. Linda Burns
  • Dr. William Flora
  • Dr. David Regan
  • Drs. Terry Bryant and Liz Bryant
  • Mr. Dave Bugay
  • Dr. Guy Moore


Life in Haiti can be dangerous, frustrating, exhilirating and rewarding. All on the same day.
So much potential, possibilities.
Living in Haiti can make one appreciate the conveniences and luxuries available in most developed countries. Getting clean water in Port au Price can be a challenge...


Briana Schrock ( @BrianaSchrock ) joins IWOF as Goshen College IWOF Campus Leader. Welcome Briana.

Sharisse Yoder ( @SharisseYoder ) is a new IWOF Campus Leader at Marian University in Indianapolis.

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International Women's Opportunity Foundation recognizes the contributions and the volunteer efforts of thousands of individuals and organizations throughout the world each year.
This week we recognize Mujeres de Maíz (Women of Corn) Opportunity Foundation

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